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"...Lyrical intelligence, musical diversity, R-Type is far from the typical urban artist..."

Delroy Carr (born November 1983 in London), better known by his stage name R-Type is a British born grime MC, rapper and songwriter from Hertfordshire.

Having moved to the area recently, he more commonly associates himself with the ethics and cultures of his home region, South London.

In 2013, he released his first Mix CD (R-Type R-Kives) - focusing on grime and rap, with a distinctly English sound. 2019 saw R-Type's resurface after a very long hiatus, where he began to release his material as singles, focusing on the digital platform.

R-Type was born in South London and is of Jamaican and Antiguan descent. Although his parents were not known to have any musical influences in the public world, it was them that introduced the main flavour to the basis of his sound with his older brother playing a more dominant role in what you hear from R-Type today. Growing up, he would be shaped by the sounds of Reggae, Rare Groove and Soul. The early teens would see him gravitate more heavily towards Jungle, House and Garage music. This eventually transformed into admiration for the Grime scene that eventually emerged.

Today, he does not see his tastes limited to genres, but more on a song to song basis. If the song sounds good and it resonates with him, he will appreciate the material, regardless of the genre.

It is this rationale that shapes the music that you will hear from R-Type. He does not see himself bound to one category and will endeavour to produce good music, no matter the subject or sound.


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