New web show 'Truth Be Told' episode 1 premieres.

The premier episode of the brand new web show 'Truth Be Told' aired a few days ago. The show sees host Tricky ( of For The Culture Podcast ) team up with Link Up TV to sit down to frank and open discussions with a guest, the first of which being rapper K-Koke. The two discuss life on both sides of the coin, from the roads to life as a rapper. One of the great aspects of the show is that you are not watching a host interview a guest! You see two men seasoned, experienced, having truthful talk and you cannot help but respect that, whether you know them or not. Tricky has always been one not afraid to voice an honest opinion, if you know him or simply follow him on one of his social channels you'll know the man has a voice and will use it but use it in a manner that exudes sense, believe me he is not a person who talks for the sake of talking hence why i think Truth be told will be a success and Tricky is the ideal host for the show. You can catch episode one here and look out for future episodes via the Link Up TV YouTube channel.

image credit: Link Up TV