By Charlotte Falloon

“It’s so important that we strengthen women’s leadership. We are incredible beings and can do anything we put our mind to!”

Jamilah Hassan is an independent musician and artist from Newcastle and has just released her brand new EP ‘Love and Practice’.

“I always sang growing up but it was never something that I imagined myself doing until I got a call from a girl I went to school with, who was in a girl band who just left The X Factor. She asked if I’d join the girl band and that’s where it all started.”

“As a female artist I look up to Beyoncé more than anyone, she’s been in the game for so long and has always been a perfect example of a professional.”

Jamilah also has an eleven year old son and a part time job as well as being a super star!

“Being an artist, ‘failures’ is a fact of life and something that happens and will happen but you can’t let that stop you.”

“Being a musician is a tricky business and I hope everyone who’s following their heart, chasing their dream, doesn’t let anyone’s opinion alter their course.”

One of Jamilah’s biggest and most poignant moments was opening for American rapper Nelly on his tour in Newcastle to a sold out arena of 3000 people - a dream come true.

“It’s important that we feel safe being ourselves. If we want to be sexy, that’s fine. If we want to cover up, that’s also fine.”

“I hope I never give up and continue doing what I love as it really makes me feel complete.”

In her spare time, Jamilah is OBSESSED with the gym and works out with her PT four times a week. She also loves to read for at least an hour a day.

“When talking about empowerment especially in regards to women, don’t ever hold back. Let’s keep reminding ourselves that we are power houses and nothing can get in our way.”

You can find Jamilah on Instagram and Twitter at @jamilahmusic and on Facebook at Jamilah - her new EP is also available to download here.

“Barack Obama said ‘When women succeed, nations are more safe, secure and prosperous.’ He hit the nail on the head. Let’s never forget!”

Courtesy of North-East Female Empowerment Group