DJ Tiiny fired for charging artists for airplay.

It has been revealed that Capital Xtra and Stormzy tour DJ, DJ Tiiny has been fired for accepting payments in return for airplay. It is said that DJ Tiiny, real name Frank Boakye-Yiadom would offer artists what can be described as an airplay package which included their track being played live on air as well as "keeping the track within [ his ] radio playlist for two weeks.” all for £200.

Things came to light after an email outlining the offer was revealed. The artist, name J Beatz, tweeted a screenshot of said e-mail whilst also voicing his displeasure towards the offer, he said:

" So I did a mail out of my new track coming out and look at what this DJ is telling me! Pay to play you know smh! This DJ is on a big station and is asking for money to play songs what kinda Selecta is this?!?!?" he continued:

" You are a fraud mate you are on big capital Xtra trying to charge people £200 to play a song you should be ashamed of yourself what kind of DJ are you! Has stormzy not being able to tour affected your pockets that much that you have stooped to these low levels?"

Tiiny since released a statement apologising for his actions stating that he " takes full responsibility for [ his ] actions and fully accept the consequences"

He said: " Over the last couple of days i have very quickly learnt a much needed lesson. I was given an incredible opportunity within radio and carelessly and irresponsibly took advantage of my position. I take full responsibility for my actions and fully accept the consequences as a result. I am very sorry to everyone this has affected and to those i have let down. DJ Tiiny,"

UK radio does not allow the practice of accepting payments in return for airplay as it violates the Ofcom broadcasting code and the station have since removed the DJs' profile from the Capital Xtra website.