catch the premiere episode of 'talk that talk'.

Question! Have you ever wondered what ITVs Loose Women would be like if they were young, gorgeous, empowered women of ethnic origin? No, me neither but alas today sees the launch of a brand new podcast slash web show nicely titled "Talk That Talk". The series is hosted by a lovely lineup of ladies including our ever so good friend Nolay. On the premiere episode the girls discuss the stigma that is "the modern generations attitude towards the every day 9 to 5". Why is working to pay the bills looked down on by so many? Does social media or society pressure todays generation into having unrealistic goals or dreams? Check out episode 1 to see what the Talk That Talk ladies think.

A little about the show and its hosts:

The Talk That Talk show is an online talk show delivering diverse chats on hot topics, lifestyle, relationships, entertainment and beauty to name a few. As well as their very own unique aspects on popular culture and current debates.

Watch on Tuesdays for your mixture of fun, frolics and serious topics! The TTT Show has a rotating panel hosted by Ariete Santos, Elizabeth Victoria, Faith Fontaine, GG, Nolay, Qoy and Remy!

Join the Talk That Talk conversations on instagram @talkthattalk_show.